Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hair's Your Chance - Sponsor update!

My partner (+Rich Peall) lost both his parents last year to cancer, so this year I'm raising money for #macmillan, to help pay for #macmillannurses to continue their good work and to thank the #macmillanprofessionals for all their help. 

#Hairsyourchance to make a difference - put your money where your mouth is andvote whether I keep my hair or not!

Will you vote to help me keep my hair?

Or are you voting so I will shave my head?

You can also text to 70070 to make a £1 donation:
Text HAIR53 to save my hair
Text HAIR94 to shave my head

On August 31st, I will be tallying up the funds raised on each side - and the side with the most votes/pounds will win - and decide what happens to my hair. It's scary, but it's going to be a whole heap of fun finding out what happens. After all, people with cancer don't get a choice whether they lose their hair or not - so I felt it was only appropriate!

Toni&Guy in Grimsby were thrilled with the #Hairsyourchance project, and have kindly offered to shave it all off for those of you voting to cut it. They've also offered to add a green flash into my existing hair if those of you voting to keep it win! 

ForbesBurton (the business recovery specialists) are offering sponsorship and NatWest have also pledged that, if I can raise over £250, they will give us an additional £250 donation towards the cause. If that's not a good reason to chuck a few pennies in, I don't know what is! 

Cancer affects us all at some point, directly or indirectly, so #Hairsyourchance to get involved and place your votes!

There's also these nifty QR codes you can print off - people with smartphones can scan these weird square barcode things with their mobile phones to go straight to the right page.

We've got a discussion about it on GooglePlus, where loads of people are doing a wonderful job of spreading the word and I'm hoping to get a Hashtag campaign going for Hair'sYourChance. 

I'd link the Facebook version, but I can't work out how to do that. The new Timeline is making things a little complicated - sorry! 

I know my lovely Rich is going to forward it on Twitter and a few of his other, professional social networks - though I'd certainly appreciate extra shares if you're willing to spread the word! 

I'm also thinking of setting up eBay auctions for Yes and No later on, one for each "pot" - so watch this space.

If anyone has any fundraising suggestions or a more inventive way to spread the love, let me know - I'd be delighted for the help. 

There's even a little notice board on the donating site, so you can leave messages either here or there for me - I promise I'll do my best to reply to every message.

Even if you can't spare a couple of pennies, can you pass the word on for me? Macmillan have confirmed my Hairsyourchance project is unique, and I'd love people to hear about it.

Amber :)

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