Saturday, 13 October 2012

Fix the finances

Right! I have had enough of my budget being out of whack. I am on the monetary war-path!

First up - household bills. I had a word with my gas and electricity suppliers whom I've had for all of six weeks and told them to go bite it. I mean, really, £60 a month for gas?! Who are you kidding, British Gas? You're supposed to be the gas supplier of Britain, surely - so why's yours so expensive and why can other people do your gas for cheaper?!

I've now switched to NPower's Jan 14 deal instead, as it's something like £186 a year cheaper than what I'm currently paying.

Second up - the mobiles. I'm fed up of my so called awesome contract costing me the freakin' earth, especially when I've barely used the freakin' thing. Orange, you can go screw off - your customer service dudes have been lousy, consistently so. When my SIM stopped working, your dudes told me I had to have a whole new phone and buy out of my old contract to do so! I went to Carphone Warehouse where they discovered it was only my SIM card that had failed and ordered me an emergency replacement SIM.

My phone was fixed within three days, for free - as opposed to £120 to buy out of my new contract plus whatever it would cost for a new one plus phone that I didn't actually need. Jerks. So, as my contract is due up in a couple of weeks, you can shove that bit of paper in any orifice you please. I'm going to Giffgaff. I mean, £10 a month for unlimited texts, internet and 250 minutes complete with free Giff-to-Gaff minutes and texts? Yes please! That's £15 cheaper than my current "contract rate", and with more stuff.

I already have the cheapest two year mortgage I can get, and the cheapest insurance available. I've just restocked half of my store cupboards on BOGOF favourites, so I'm feeling comfortable now we have plenty to eat just-in-case, and I'm finding a new supplier for locusts.

Can anyone else think of a way to cut back more of my bills and save money? I might have to sell some old stuff on eBay next, and sign up to places like Fiver with my skills...

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