Friday, 26 October 2012

Things I have learned lately.

In 1409 Fiore di Liberi from Friuli in Italy, wrote a treatise on combat. Part of his treatise included a weapon with a hollowed out hammer filled with chilli powder; an enemy would try to block a hammer being swung at them - the resulting percussive force would throw the powder into their eyes blinding them!

You can use Google to super-power your searches, by using the right "codes":

I discovered that the Mursi women wear lip-disks as a sign of pride and maturity, and that the rest of the world have some very different concepts of beauty. I particularly like the Mauritanian ideal of "the perfect woman" - they like 'em big.

I've realised that religious intolerance annoys me deeply. I'm sick to the teeth of religions based on the same flaming fundamental principles having the cheek to turn round and say "because my god said so." There are over 2000 gods documented in modern history, so that's a rubbish answer. You can't ALL be individually right, and I'm certainly not going to take anyone's word for it without proof. And don't be ridiculous and quote passages from your religious book at me as "proof" because, you know what? Here's news for you! All the other religions can do the same blooming thing!

I am starstuff. I am a tiny part of the whole, and my components formed in the heart of a massive, ancient star, then flung to the far corners by its violent death. The universe will continue without me, and I am content with this concept.

I also found out that the national rail don't specify what time the disturbance they're apologising for is going to be. I wasn't surprised to discover it meant they would have a team of two diggers, a massive roller thing and other assorted caterpillar tracked machines trundling around just a few doors down... But I hadn't realised they meant it would be at one in the bloody morning!

Mind you, at least it prepared me for this:

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