Sunday, 21 October 2012

Reptile Awareness Day!

Tsam was attentive this evening as usual, watching me from his comfy spot on his hut as I prepared dinners (sneaking him a few choice shreds of green spring cabbage) and wriggling contentedly when I gave his head a noogie. He was sad to hear about Noa, but understood and shut his eyes - he'd been there when my first lizard passed away from what we suspect was the same thing.

Sandy was happy to chat for a while, giving me her wise, slow blink. I'm sure she understands the tone, if not the meaning - and her opinion seems to be that when a bad thing happens, sometimes a good thing will come along later. She was good friends with Kyle, and moved into her tank; she reminded me that, oddly, just days later, Mocha arrived in desperate need. Though she did tell me off when I took the bit of dried, crumbly scale off her beard. I told her off in return for not letting me get it, miserable cow - she'd be much cheerier if she didn't sit in the cold end - so she parked herself under her heatlamp for a bit until she felt she'd got a solar powered grin ready.

Jam had already sat up at her window and plonked a hand firmly on it, ready for some fussings. First thing she does when I open her door is greet me with a lick to make sure I am actually me. And to see if there's anything tasty. She's always good for hugs on a glum day. Or a rainy day. Or a sunny day. Or a happy day. Or any day, really. Today was a day where hugs were clearly required.

I also love how Jam sleeps like a people in her bed. I really need to sort a mattress and some bed clothes for her.

Hyphen gazed at me. Hyphen gazed at his salad. He's young and stupid. Hyphen went back to sleep. He's happy and oblivious, as usual.

Ditto Mocha after a quick sip of syringe water (though not without her usual furious argument about the whole thing); she reckons she's brumating. She occasionally deigns to open just one of her eyes - she's grumpy because she's trying to sleep and she's being quite clear what she thinks as to the disturbance. Everything radiates a quiet air of "piss off".

Jacques is still baffled by this whole human interaction and discussion thing.

He's_kind_ of getting the hang of being a pet, though a hand in the tank still startles him into an impressive "Oh my god, she's going to swat me round the head" flinch. But it's getting there. He hasn't quite understood the purpose of the fresh tissue in his tank every day either. He very carefully moves it over so he can poop next to, or better yet, UNDER it. I think he doesn't want to make it dirty - silly boy.

But then again, for a dragon that doesn't understand that he will get food every day (or whenever he needs it, if he chooses not to eat every day later) I can understand this.

Whilst it is cute to watch him leap down and hog his dinner as if someone is going to take it away in the next five seconds and he won't get any more for the rest of the month, it will be nice to see him relax into a proper dragon.

Raspberry... we meet again.
(221g and counting!)

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