Thursday, 18 April 2013

If it has lots of species of insect - does that make it a buggery?

Well, the nice weather is here and with some money left on the budget, thanks to my lovely grandparents for their kindness with "pocket money". Yes, I know I'm 27 - I have pointed this out to them several times. I get that look if I try to refuse though. I'm very grateful to them for it. :)

As a result, I have treated myself to a multifunction composter.

The Wormery have this little beauty going for £52 (that's including postage) - which is a nice little bargain: the next best I found was only three trays high, and £72.

I've picked this over a standard composter because it has a leach-away tap (for producing liquid fertiliser!), is insect friendly if I actually want to put worms in, will work efficiently as a standard composter if I don't, and I can put it in the dark, concreted corner of the garden that isn't much use for anything else.

Liquid fertiliser, solid compost, recycling food waste, using the footing to make a small animal hideaway for frogs etc and maximising useage of my small plot of garden space.

Anyone know where I can get a nice bench? And a gate? And I need to work out how to fix the brick (or to buy a whole new) barbecue... My garden will be functional when I'm done.

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