Saturday, 13 April 2013

Oh boy, what a day.

Work was ... tricky.

Besides a couple of tricky queries to programme and a couple of problems to solve, I had not one, but three groups of people come in to notify me of family member customers whom had passed away today - two groups arrived at the same time and took some careful juggling.

Luckily, my boss predicted this (being as I am the only trained Estates staff member in my branch) and sent my colleague in to have a speed-training session with me whilst I handled a case. They were a truly lovely family too, organised, jovial, kind - despite the sad circumstances, they were a genuine pleasure to work with.

This meant my colleague was able to take the less-tricky second case whilst I took on the hard one. I can't give you details, but it wasn't pretty. I did my best, and I hope things get easier for them.

So yeah, that was... interesting. But not nearly as interesting as hometime.

Grabbed veg on my roar through Marks&Sparks (not because I'm posh. It's the direct route through town for me!) and milk on the way past Costcutters (because I'm not posh and it's a fair price!). Turned the corner on the home stretch and frowned at a big bundle of something in the middle of the path.

Figured it was something the chap at 122 was moving and maybe he'd nipped in to grab the phone or something.... then I realised it was a person.

Yes, there was a dude sat in the middle of the path, hanging on to his ankle, twizzled up on himself like a hedgehog. The chap from 122 popped out and confirmed the fella had parked himself on the floor, curled up awkwardly and stayed there.

I called the ambulance and we carefully tried to unravel him. He made a grunty snorting noise and curled himself back up - dropping a baggie of white tablets as he did so. (They were about a cm long, oval, 4mm wide, with a break line in the middle.)

I have no idea what he was smacked out on, but his pupils were like pins and apparently his face was really itchy. The ambulance chaps were less than impressed but, as he was in really unstable condition and lapsing in and out of consciousness, they took him away.

So. Yeah. That's about one a month so far: we've had the poor diabetic old chap in the middle of town collapsed on Valentines (with his big bunch of roses for his wife, to apologise for being staggering drunk!), we had the raging girls in the middle of my street (see a post of a few weeks back) and now this chap.

Got home, made layer veg pasta, advised a rescuer on how to deal with a seriously sick bearded dragon, added three more appointments to my calendar (a quiz on Thurs, work's night out later in the month, my father visiting at the weekend), confirmed that the weird scary thing that turned up at the university IS actually mine and, now it's coming up to 9pm, I think I'm caught up.

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