Monday, 6 April 2009


The Chinese National Circus has been postponed, so we can't go for two months, but that's ok as I still have to work on Saturday and no-one's told me when I'll get the day back (see last bloggage). This is worrying, because we simply don't have enough staff to cover anything much; days, sickness, holidays... The inspectors are still prowling round and several staff are unavailable, so our resources are very, very thin. There are already some concerns that we may have to temporarily close my small branch on a couple of days due to lack of staff. I know we were supposed to be cutting back, but quite frankly, this is ridiculous! How can we be expected to maintain quality service with such uneven staffing and uncertain prospects? But enough ranting.

The Dragons are beginning to improve alongside the weather - the finer the weather, the more interesting the lizard. Whilst not appreciated, the fresh dandelions are also proving to be good, as they're both more active. Tsam is now a master of the Stairs (much bobbiting) and Kyle has worked up enough guts to be territorial back at him. She's just started a brave headbob at Tsam, with a smudgy black beard. He goes absolutely nuts - but she's winning at last!

I was watching "Chris Ryan's Elite Police" today. I can't say I'd recommend it, but He's enjoying it. I can however summarise it beautifully: It's like a presenter fed a serious pill and a case of the obviouses; the camera man is high on ketamines, waving around a shiny new toy that he's excited about (the camera), attempting to film a cross between the weather announcement and a nature show... with some guns.

It seems this gym is working! I've lost 6lbs already, though it's half-killing me some days. They are quite brilliant at Goldenstones, however they do push you hard. 8 minutes on the crosstrainer is enough to make me want to quit, but I've worked it up to 15 like they wanted, in fact I did 20 the other day. It strikes me as odd that I work my ass off to get paid, and then use that money to work my ass off, but there you go.

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