Thursday, 16 April 2009

Cadbury's Creme Crap

So far this week:
I have made my knee funny by jumping up too fast and falling over.
I have stepped on a VERY large thorn that peirced through my shoe and went deep into my foot.
Stepped down with the other foot out of the shed, misjudged it and gave myself a lump when my head made contact with the doorframe.
I had to put my bike on the floor instead of dropping it, as the front tyre caught on the ledge and my foot meant I couldn't catch it. (No damage thankfully.)
And to top it off, I leaned down the side of the bed to pick up an elastic band - the pillow supporting my elbow slipped and I fell forward, smacking my head on the wardrobe.
All I could do was laugh...

The Cadbury's Creme Egg Icecream, pilfered from a box that mysteriously appeared on our freezer shelf.... It looks a lot like a smaller Magnum, so automatically I expected something a lot like a smaller Magnum with a sweeter, syrupy, less vanilla flavour. The box is deeply alluring and I have to say it looks GOOOOOO-D. Sadly, it's not. Not at all. It's a bizarre consistency, almost marshmellowy and quite dry (although this might be due to our freezer - the outside of the icethings was covered in an odd, yellow and sweet frozen liquid which seems to have leached out of the icething itself). The chocolate covering is thin and poor quality; nothing like the solid CRUNCH from the Magnum or for that matter from a proper Creme Egg. Quite a disappointment. And so, I discovered that biting His Lordship's furry backside tastes much nicer (if hairier). Which is worrying, to have to go to such extremes to rid ones mouth of fake ice cream flavour. To paraphrase the advert: Goo-ing, Goo-ing, Gone - to be sick. YURK.

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