Thursday, 11 June 2009

Hoping to make an angel smile...

Mum leaving Claire some flowers cheered me up, and I saw something I thought Claire would have laughed at too. In Denners department store, there is a HUGE makeup counter (Claire being one of the worlds brightest butterflies - like a backwards chameleon, always sparkling colours standing out from the background!) and they've brought out a wonderful new masacara. Lancome Oscillation Powermascara. To explain this (literally) revolutionary new product - imagine one of those battery operated cappucino whisks that were all the rage a couple of years ago. And then swap the whisky circle end with a spiky mascara brush. Somehow I don't even see the bravest of makeup wearers attempting to remove their eye with a black-gooped coffee whisk...

Talking of genius ideas, my sister excelled herself this week. She's currently working hard on her GCSE exams and came a cropper of this question: "Name two types of transplant." Her answers: "Kidney and Brain." Sounds like she could do with a brain transplant herself!

And continuing with embarrasing admissions, His Lordship told me something unusual earlier today. When he was a little younger, he accidently swallowed a red sparkly dice with white spots. His main observation on this issue was that he later noticed he rolled a 5. He's also decided the little fridge might be of Nazi decent, having discovered the light where we keep the drinks. "Yes - I illuminated all the juice!" ... Oh dear.

We've decided Gecko is definitely a Terry. Terry TacketyToes. S/he shed last night and is 3.5g with deep chocolate orange base colour and bright fruity orange patterns.

Quote of the week: "The world is my oyster - pity I'm kosher." - Vimrod.

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