Tuesday, 2 June 2009

People, Phones, Pools, Pizza and Pacman

A customer made me laugh today - having enquired if he had any accounts, he responded "None." Puzzled, I asked him if he was sure, he's a regular customer after all. "What would regularly dropping into the bank have to do with cows?!" I could only blink... Mind you, a staff member made a customer laugh earlier. Poor girl's had a funny tummy and was complaining on the phone to her Dad that she's "afraid to fart..." Unfortunately, one of our customers was sat out of sight at the table and fell about laughing. He asked her if she wanted him to go get her some Immodium from the chemist, but she fled through the back, bright red with the phone. I apologised to him - "She's a bit sick. A bit sick in the head." Thankfully she's seen the funny side of it. (Picture: Leenks.com - It's bad enough when your boyfriend dumps you by text, but being dumped by Bananaphone must be worse - it stops it being funny in the future. Ringringringnoooo...?)

The dragons have been enjoying the novelty that is the spray bottle. Kyle enjoyed it so much, it even reminded her what the empty bowl in the back of her tank is for - she threw herself in it and waited patiently as I sprayed her down, filling up the swimming pool! Neither of them used them in months, preferring the big bath normally, but they had a grand time swimming and drinking from it. Tsam was having a slight problem as he's so much bigger now - he kept getting stuck. So I kindly donated a spare casserole bowl for him to soak in, his very own personal jacuzzi! Clever boy showed off today - he'd been running around in the diningroom when I heard a clunk. I came in to see what it was and he was hanging off his Dragon Slope - which was leant against the wall! I turned it back round for him and he shot up into his house, happy as Larry and mission accomplished.

As it is games night for the boys (they've got a big green table in thelivingroom with toy robots on a big map and a bunch of dice) I ordered a bunch of pizzas to keep them fed and happy. Interesting fact for you: If you're ordering over the phone from Domino's and paying by card over the phone for delivery - you can tell them you have a 50% off voucher and they just take your word for it! Marvellous! Better yet, the delivery guy looked just like a toy lion I own. Even better-er, they're both called Norbert. (Image: Entensity)

In other news: My toilet seat has arrived and Rich is appalled. He secretly loves it, sparkly silver glitter! Also, Tackety Toes Gecko has put on .1g, making a total of 3.1g and 3.4".

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