Thursday, 25 June 2009

Fronds and Fresh Fruit

My mother's madness has taken an extraordinary new leap. I have to say, it's a unique fruitbowl... Talking of fruit, we've had a lovely week for fresh garden fruit. All my plants have gone insane, so His Lordship made rhubarb squares (Meranguits) and I served up raspberries and strawberries with chocolate icecream, still wet with rain.

Hopefully we've got some more strawbs to come, as I've purchased a nice strawb basket to hang from a bracket. I also bought some more shrimplets as, sadly, Paste passed away the other night. The original batch must be about three years old, but I now have 12 shrimp divided between the two tanks, including a teenytiny one called "Clunk".

Kyle is determined she'll move into Terry's tank, she's been knocking on the door, climbing the sides, getting her claws snagged in the galvanised roof - she's seen the new Tillandsia moss I put in there, a fine waterfall of pale fronds. Terry hasn't found it yet, but took a 0.2g poop on my scales. He's about 3.5g now.

I was overtaken by a van on the way to work yesterday, and it made me laugh - "Gurd & Flatt - General Builders." His Lordship got a surprising message too, after pulling a few alphabet candies out of a bag. Perfectly spelt on his hand: "FATASS." He also discovered I can fit one of my long handled sundae spoons up His left nostril...

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