Friday, 3 July 2009

Biker Beardie

My grandmother is deeply puzzled. She can't work out how a teabag managed to get into the duvet cover, but she has found out that it's left tealeaves all over the washing machine and clean sheets. Might be due to Grandad falling asleep in bed with his cuppa.

I bought a fig tree today, to have figgy yummy biscuits later! It's only a wee tree, but it has two big fig bulbs on already. I put it in a chocolatey red square pot and put it under my strawberry basket - the ultimate in recycling plant water. Water the basket, and the basket waters the fig!

Kyle had a moment today. She was rattling around as she often does, on the bedside table, when there was a thunk and she vanished. It took me a while to find her, as she'd climbed into the top drawer and made her way down the inside into His Lordship's pants drawer... (Pic: Not one of our dragons, but very cool. Unknown source, please contact for referencing.)

The Aircon at work is about as useful as most middle management - it's not doing much besides blasting hot air out. 26C in my cube, and I'm melting. I also discovered today that we pay more council tax than the Queen! She pays £1375 a year - for a house with 755 rooms.

"Pizza - Made of 10% Genius" - Himself

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