Sunday, 19 July 2009

A Reptile Dysfunction (and A Ruined Dessert)

We've decided anyone whom has forgotten what it was they meant to do and are standing there looking blank is suffering from "a reptile dysfunction". This of course comes from Kyle's "reboots", where she will be running and suddenly stop, mid-step, and switch off. Several minutes at a time on some occasions and nothing will distract her.

Men's styling products contain rocks, salt and iron minerals. Have you noticed women's styling products contain flowers, bamboo, fruits? Talking of fruit, Tsammo eated de fruit. Tsammo eated lotta fruits. He's a whopper lizard now - we measured him at over 20" long, and over half a kilo, easily pushing 600g, with a three inch wide skull. Terry on the other hand, whilst growing fast, is certainly the smallest of my menagerie at only 4.2 grams.

Tsam's been very helpful, eating bits of leftover fruit from my attempted sorbet, all except the rhubarb. Sadly, sorbet is far beyond the capability of our crummy freezer - 28 hours later and it's still a nicely chilled syrup. Never mind, it'll be great on my vanilla cheesecake - it's rhubarb, raspberry, pear, passionfruit, pomegranate, cherry, lemon and vanilla. "Very fruity, the passionfruit really emphasises the raspberry."

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