Saturday, 25 July 2009

Google Chrome - Great Creation!

Google Chrome is a HUGE improvement to IE. Not only is it so much faster, it's deeply intuitive, loads up faster - I timed it, it's about 5x faster load (both the browser and webpage)! It even makes FACEBOOK posts near insta-load and when you start typing in the address bar, you don't have to select the title you want before hitting enter - it loads it into the bar and you just hit enter. I am also amused by the fact there isn't a "Stop" button - it's been made redundant because the pages load so damn fast, by the time you'd get there, it's already loaded and done!

GC utilises space so much more practically, putting the tabs up in the title bar rather than wasting valuable screen space and sizes the webpage in the most efficient manner for your screen. IE always has it too big for my little lappy. You can even create direct shortcuts on your desktop to favourite websites... That's cool. Better yet, you can grab a tab, drag and dump it onto your desktop for a whole new window - AND you can do it in reverse and put it back!

It's the little tweaks that have won it for me, things that Microsoft should have implemented years ago: it has a built in automatic spellcheck, phish&malware protector, a little highlighter for when you're using text boxes in pages, tweaks for multiple page starts and taskmanager - including "stats for nerds"! I love the personable style, the little comments like "Minor tweaks and Under the Hood" - it's not stale and stuffy like old Great Grandad IE.

Stuffy old GGrumps IE doesn't have Incognito Mode either - ideal for you blokeys that don't want people seeing what pages you've been visiting! GC is much more open minded and up to date.

It takes a lot for me to get out of my comfy ways, programmes I know, for example I refused to look at firefox because it was too lumpy - but Chrome's sumthin' else... I'm so looking forwards to downloading the new operating system in 2010.

"Google - thinking not quite out of the box. Oh hang on - the links come out of the edges!" - Him, realising Google are so far out of the box, they knew Microsoft were stuck in it and avoided making the same mistakes.

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