Monday, 27 July 2009


We saw a slug, and it was THIS big! Yes, that is a two pound coin for comparison. Notice this slug is in a sleeping state - I have no idea how long it would be awake, but it's the size of your average dog poop, making it a big-ass slug. We have lots of them in the basement at work - they come and go through the ventilation bricks, I often see them when I go to check the cellar safe... "Hello Slug!"

For the third year running, the summer is a two week long burst of sunshine - and the rest rain. Not that I mind, but I'm aware the weather has been better up north! The rain has been good for the rhubarb though, as it's now got arm thick stalks with two foot wide leaves. We've been eating rhubarb everything! We were also debating (as a household) exactly what group rhubarb falls under - turns out it's a vegetable.

His Lordship made me laugh, he asked me whether the voice in my head sounded like my actual voice. "Which one?" says I. I wanted to know what the voice in his head sounded like then, and he responded "Hang on, let me just think of something then."

"Food comes for free on vegetable trees, so we should like, sell it at the farmer's market." - Girl at Santa Cruz Council Testimonies (slightly edited for ease and glee of use!)

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