Saturday, 11 July 2009

Tough To The Tax!

If you can get it, get Outrageous Orange hot chocolate. Add a tiny drop of good coffee and a splash of rum, and I promise you, it's the taste of Christmas. I use Bundaberg Royal, but sadly you can't get that here in the UK - I got lucky and a friend sent it back over from a visit to the Bundy factory a couple of years ago.

Here's a handy tip for Acer One users! I only found it because my scroller was being temperamental. If you go into device settings, you can programme "tapping zones" - so I can now open a browser with a quick tap to the top left, and my notebook likewise on bottom left. Superfast browser, huzzah.

TV RANT: All the other channels manage perfectly well on advertising. It's galling that BBC purports not to advertise - but they advertise their own programmes instead of normal adverts. If I'm going to have to put up with adverts anyway, I'd rather watch washing powder adverts and NOT HAVE TO PAY FEES! It takes the mick when I even have to watch BBC adverts at the cinema... Long live the other channels! Do away with the fee, go for advertising like the rest of the channels. I resent paying for what I rarely use. Come sign the Scrap the BBC Licence Fee Petition with me! - Viva la Petition! (Number 1053)

(Pic: Sky 3, Scandanavian boat that my Uncle spotted and snapped.)

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