Sunday, 24 May 2009

Amazing Animals!

I discovered that Himself has bony elbows, my shins are pointy, and speedcameras think His Lordship is slow. Or at least, that's what the operator of said camera told us when we asked her as we walked on by.

The dragons are in mildly-psychotic mode, bobbing at anything. Tsam will even bob when he can HEAR Kyle bobbing in the tank below him. Amazing! I did play this to my advantage last night, Tsam sat on my knee and I asked him questions. "Would you like to hop on my shoulder?" nodnodnod "Would you like to hop on the back of the chair?" nodnodnod "Would you like to come down now?" nodnodnod "Are you a clever boy?" nodnodnod! Bal is growing fast according to His Lordship and his colours are coming out rather well! Bal's plants are growing and I've given him two bendy sticks to bounce and climb on. He hops like a little frog!

The bathroom is looking glorious already. Far from finished, but the Granite Grey coupled with bright silver mirrory tiles and the Cool Aqua green is heaven. The hideous green suite has been tamed and soothed by the new colours like Orpheus's Lyre to the animals. I carefully ripped up the disgusting pink carpet, having found that the basin is on top of it and found big wet patches underneath. Mmmm, stinky. The rubberised underside has got holes in.

Spyyk has forgotten he's only got one arm now and is scooting around on the exposed remaining bone of the other one like everything is normal. He's also been spoilt rotten with extra treats of ham. His new drainpipe tunnel has become a firm favourite and he spends all day going in reverse around the corners...

Quote for the Day: "Atheism is a religion like not collecting stamps is a hobby." - Google Suggestions

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