Friday, 22 May 2009

Frozen Food for Thought

I caught myself wondering when I found this link:

Your fridge really is the window to your soul, isn't it? I took a photo of mine to see what it said about this household.

Top and second shelf: Owned by our batchelor, George. He's got a tub of Flora light and a packet of Leerdammer cheese. His way of life is "the hotter the better" and regularly scalds our tastebuds with his chilis - we bought him some superhotsauce made with the Dorset Naga for Christmas - and I swear, he puts it in EVERYTHING. I caught him putting some on a quiche with baked beans. For such a small man, he eats a lot. I can only imagine the chilis keep his metabolism so high... Oh, and the right drawer contains his half cucumber. Go figure.

Middle shelf: Hank's. Hank is braving the culinary world (especially now he's got a girlfriend - he can do a mean kungsour sauce!) so we sometimes see bags of lettuce and packs of mince. It's in it's default stage at the moment - Delmonte fruit and Muller. Quick and easy snacks, on the slightly healthier side.

Our shelves: Very cheese orientated lately, His Lordship has taken up a liking for it. We've got a mozzarella ball, some plain white cheddar, some Jarlsburg and some Ilchester Mexicana - orange cheddar with chilis in! (Great for toasty sammiches by the way.) We've also got ham, eggs, garlic mayo and coleslaw. In the broken topdoor shelf there's some pepperoni and a jar of peach and banana babyfood for the gecko (I need to turn that into proper food actually - will do that soon!) and the bottom has juice and the white cheddar cheese. The left drawer has gem lettuce, carrots and beets - perfect fridge for a ham and egg salad!

The freezer is a different story - practically empty besides our shopping. I do believe the second drawer has Hank's mince in, but that's it. We've got chicken, mince, fish and sausages, potato wedges, sweetcorn, peas, carrots, beans and brocolli - I think there may be an emergency lasagne at the back. There's also a tub of lemon sorbet (to go with passionfruit and banana for pudding methinks!) as well as bags of mice and beefheart, trays of bloodworm and a Vitalite tub with Green Flavour Gecko-cubes in. I'm making some yellow ones to add to it later.

So yes - there's an insight to our fridgefreezer. Just in case you were wondering - yes, both Hank and George earn more than I do. Hehehehe!

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