Sunday, 3 May 2009

Charity Cheese

We went to a charity gig for the hospital last night - I went in cobalt blue and black, His Lordship in a snazzy midnight blue silk shirt. We spent a great time there with a couple of friends and came home around 2am with some expensive cheese in my handbag and in our pockets, wielding a large sesame seeded baguette at any challengers for our cheese!

I do like spending a day mooching with my dragons. Tsam was busy sleeping, so I've had a nice lazy day with Kyle. She's been shooting around like a mad thing and deliberately went for a soggy poo on His Lordship's sock when he wasn't paying enough attention. She's had a grand time and is currently going to sleep behind the waste paper basket. Pic: "No pictures!"

Sadly Benny and Spyyk the axolotls have been scrapping again - poor old Spyyk has lost an arm but is doing well after some emergency surgery to remove the dead tissue. I was quite shocked by this - it's been a long time since the last argument and this one was worse I'm afraid. He's under observation and treatment in a hospital tank, recovering fast I'm pleased to say. We'll also be making arrangements to seperate them. Haven't decided if we're rehoming Ben or buying a new tank yet.

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