Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Amazed by Adverts...

Spyyk has settled into his new tank very well over the last week, and is enjoying his tunnel, ducking in and out, peeping round the Y bends and reversing out of the L end. He's even figured out he can stick his tail out one end and curl enough to stick his head out of the other section in a big C shape! - NSFW, very funny. Tsam is "Round Poo" - appropriate, and Kuleana Graeme Squishee is "Toodle Jiggles" - perfect!

My other laugh recently is television advertising. In the gym I was aware of a new dieting tablet being shown called "Alli". Swiftly followed up by a KFC advert. Timing: enjoy the feeling of losing weight, then have a guilt free grease bucket! Mind you, at home the other night I was watching a programme about pro-ana websites and the awful effects it has on girls as young as 10. (Pro-ana sites have mottos like "Being thin is more important than being healthy." and " Thou shall not eat without feeling guilty." One poor girl died age 19, weighing less than 4.5 stone and couldn't even lift her own head.) However, I'm not sure if it was supported or somewhat ridiculed by the adverts surrounding it. In one single block of adverts, I counted 8, yes EIGHT different food adverts and one about suntan lotion. Ironic or just bad taste?

Related Quote of the Day: "An advertising agency is 85 percent confusion and 15 percent commission." - Fred Allen

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