Monday, 18 May 2009

Geckos and Gubbage

I recently received an extremely minute baby crested gecko, a "flame" colour morph. It changes colour too, between chocolate orange to creamy beiges! Wee beastie has slightly brighter colours now, as shed yesterday.

Not sure what to call him/her yet, but I was thinking perhaps Bal. Short for Ballista Sauron Stickyfeet.

This breaks down into multiple meanings by the way - Ballista because s/he jumps like there's explosives in those little muscles, Sauron because the eyes are just like the one from Lord of the Rings (terrible movie) and Stickyfeet as Cresties are aboreal geckos (self descriptive.) Better yet, when spoken aloud it sounds funny - "Blister sore on sticky feet!"

What's your opinion? Also s/he pooped on my hand today.

Word of the Day: Gubbage - A word to describe introductory emails, signup information, password reminders, security confirmations and the like. Useful stuff usually buried at the bottom of old inboxes. Use: "It'll be hidden, so you'll have to look through all your gubbage." tags: junkmail, confirmation, signups, introdutions, emails, gubbige, gubbidge, gubbadge
Watch for it on!


  1. awwww!
    call it Tackety Boots.

  2. *laughing* Tackety Boots - that's funny. When he's wiping dinner all over me, I call him all kinds of variations on Stickyfeet - Tackety Boots will be my latest replacement! (You never know, it might catch on. He's still officially nameless, but Bal is slowly sticking)


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