Sunday, 20 May 2012

Castles in the sky - for now

So plans are going pretty well for the purchase of our new house - the pre-contract paperwork arrived yesterday and I'm asking my solicitor to push it through as fast as possible. I want out of here and into my new slice of heaven.

It'll be nice to have a consistently temperatured electric shower once more, and I'm really looking forwards to introducing the dragons to the cool P shaped bath with the sideways taps. Not to mention the prewarmed towels from the curved chrome towel holding radiator. That's going to be a massive win for dragons and humans!

I'm struggling to find the right water feature though. I particularly liked the design of the Wheaton Planter Cascade, and was dismayed to discover that it's a pathetic 41cm wide. However, I've got chatting to a couple of steel fabricators, and they think they can make me something similar in the size I want!

This is a sample of the stranded bamboo flooring I was going on about in the previous post. You gotta admit, it is pretty darned lovely. My nan lent me her rolling pin to give it a good bashing with. I'm rather pleased to say the wood held up lovely, even when I stabbed it with an old kitchen knife - a quick damp and you couldn't even see the mark. The carbonising treatment means the bamboo is brown all the way through, not just a stained surface.

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