Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Good Deeds?

I'm not certain I want to buy the house we're after any more.

Long story short, the vendors can't find the deeds and, if the bloke they're trying to contact on Friday can't remember (as he was the man in charge of selling off HUNDREDS of council houses) it's going to require a whole new drawing up of deeds - which could take ages.

I'm actually hoping they can't find them - I've seen a house I like better - and that requires less work. However, it's not such a nice area, so my grandmother isn't keen...

Mind, if these property deeds can't be found (and the building permits for the extension, as they can't find any authorised planning permissions), Nan might be tempted to let me switch.

As I mentioned, the other house I prefer has good electrics and plumbing, doesn't require the bathroom ripping out and all the walls redoing. It needs a new kitchen and some damp course treatment, but as we are planning so much work for the first place, it makes a whole lot of sense to swap.

Oh, and did I mention it's 15,000 cheaper? 

Quote of the Day: I know a guy who's drug addiction got so bad he ended up sniffing washing powder. He's been clean for three years now. - Al

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