Sunday, 13 May 2012

Kichen, Cupboard, Quandry.

To our landlord:

 As opposed to your ... effort of putting standard tv aerial in just the two smaller bedrooms, we upgraded your building to have cable tv access in the main bedroom.
 Oh, and I fixed your faulty shower.
 And we repaired the garden gate.
And the broken kitchen lights.
And the plague of ants.
We aren't staying much longer, and I can't fix the slug problem. Sorry.
 Otherwise, you're welcome.

No updates on the house purchase yet, other than my mortgage valuers are due to arrive on Thursday. I'm currently driving myself batty looking at different kitchen designs, and ordering samples of worksurfaces and floorings - I've discovered a lovely carbonised stranded bamboo flooring I would like

Stranded bamboo is extremely tough - I gave the sample a good thump with the corner of a woodblock to mimic a dropped item and it barely even dinked. It's been compared to ironwood for its strength. Better yet, it's much more sustainable than its alternative hardwoods - rather than the 50 - 100 years normally required, stranded bamboo fibres can be grown and ready in just 5 - 7 years.

The carbonised (or caramelised) bamboo is a little softer, but it looks pretty darned lovely.

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