Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fortune cookie predictions...

You remember I said we liked this other house? We went and looked at it yesterday - and we still like it. The travertine bathroom, the curvy chrome towel radiator and the P-bath still rocks it for me, and I can see so much I can do in the little garden.

So this morning, I decided to start low and sent in an offer I knew they'd never accept. We have been fortunate enough to land Mr Holland to help us, (senior partner of - he is a genius, whom has taken somewhat of a shine to us.

As expected, the vendor didn't want £57,000 when the house was already reduced to £66,500 - but Mr Holland (after laughing and saying he saw what we were up to) had a good barter with them on my behalf, helping us secure an offer of just £58,500. This is seriously good news, as it means I can afford to drop my mortgage to £45,000, which ensures it will go through even if the valuation comes back terrible, and leaves us money over for doing the kitchen too.

It's all gotta go well from here - His Lordship opened a fortune cookie whilst I was out. It said: "Any rough times are behind you." I know it's true - I found a key lime cheesecake. Better yet, it was reduced to just £1!

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