Monday, 23 July 2012

Caesium the day

Well, having cracked the African countries, I finally got round to the project I've been eyeing up for some time - I'm now working on memorising the Table of Elements. 

I found a wonderful memory boosting tool through John Pratt's Memory Pegs which combines a variety of techniques to allow for easy absorption of name, symbol AND chemical number. Although I did find a slight problem: they're several years out of date. Oops. 

But that's ok, I can fill in the gaps later and most of the ones that have had a name change are still recoverable. Hahnium is now called Dubnium - which still fits in with the hand used in the Pegs, as you need them for spinning disks when you're working on the right sound for your dubstep track. 

Astatine! Astatine astatine astatine. ASSSTA-TIIIIINE. It won't stick in my head. Pic: Not astatine. Pretty though.

"Elemental astatine has never been viewed, because a mass large enough to be seen (by the naked human eye) would be immediately vaporized by the heat generated by its own radioactivity" - Nev.

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