Monday, 2 July 2012

Cherry Terry

That was THE cutest experience I've ever had.

His Lordship found the box of cherries I had brought home, and sliced one into small wedges to give to Terry, our crested gecko.I've often given him Repashy mix and waxworms, there's always woodlice living in his tank and I regularly leave fruits in there - but I have never seen him eat it.

His Lordship waved some slices under Terry's nose, to which Terry responded by doing his "I'm a stick!" impression. In fairness to him, the little dude really commits. He freezes completely still - even if you prod him. 

I picked a slice out of Rich's palm and slapped him over the nose with it. And waited. And as expected, clean-freak gecko couldn't resist whipping out his little rose-petal tongue to clean off the juice.

His pupils dilated. I held the slice in front of him.

Lick. Licklick.
LicklicknibbleBITE. OM! Omnomnomnom! More please! MOAR!

He wolfed down three big slices, "killing" each one with a terrier's shake like he does with the waxworms. Admittedly, these are AMAZING cherries, tart and juicy and sweet...

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