Thursday, 28 June 2012

Not exactly lizbians

I had to cheer Mocha up today, poor little princess.

Mocha Choca's a bit weirded out - her old flatmate, the older "female", Sandy, had laid infertile eggs in November. Definitely eggs, she laid them in the brand new egg box, they were identical to eggs laid by my other females and she also laid one right in front of us, right in the middle of her tank.

 With spring fever hitting, everyone has been a bit overexcited - normally I let the girls run round together, but even they've been bickering with each other. Jam's been a little madam, jumping everyone, and even quiet little Mocha has been bobbing at the others. Sandy has hit Jam back previously when Jammy's been a little toad and tried to dominate her - but today really caught me out.

Mocha and Sandy were having their afternoon potter, when Sandy suddenly jumped and pinned her. As I went over to break up the fight, Sandy whapped out fuchsia purple hemipenes and mated her!
I wish I'd have taken a picture to prove it, but then I guess I haven't got one of her/him taking eggs either.
When I have the time/finances, I'll have to take Sandy to the vets for an MRI to find out what's going on there!

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