Saturday, 23 June 2012


What a spectacularly FSM-y week!

First, His Lordship found this AWESOME antique piratey chest in an auction house. It's sheet metal reinforced wood, with strip wood banding and chunky decorative metalworks.

Then on my way out from work, I discovered an Italian market had suddenly arrived literally right outside their door! I have loaded up on baklavas, pistachio cigarillas, rainbow spumoni, tricolore rigatoni and traditional nougatty treats...

And then we had Mormons turn up at the door!I think they might have chosen the wrong people to try to convert to their brand of Christianity... but they want to come back for more. Pastafarians don't go door to door, I'm happy to reverse the tables - if people come to MY door, I'm very happy to teach them the good word of our people and they have left our step significantly more enlightened in the ways of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, intending on coming back to see us on Monday.

It made me smile - they asked if there was a Pastafarian congregation locally. I was happy to explain that the FSM doesn't encourage physical places of worship as it detracts funding from where it's best used, such as improving healthcare and lowering the price of cable.

I'm pretty sure we're ready for these Latter Day Sainters - we have an imported, specially blessed by a Pastafarian priest tin of dried spaghetti, several bottles of rum (the type served depending on importance of event), my steel reinforced box of loot (gems, minerals and other genuine treasures), his bottle of sands from many shores (that he collected himself - it is a good luck charm for pirates) and our colander cutlass, amongst other little artifacts (each with their own history). And the book, of course.

We have our motley garb ready also, and will be serving a mighty pasta bake. With profiteroles for after. Profit is kind of loot, after all...

I am prepared - even if they're Creationists. I have THIS to my hand.

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