Sunday, 17 June 2012

Homemade Pop Farts

Hmm. It doesn't happen often, but it seems I suffered a cookery fail.

I wasn't aware there are different forms of marshmallows - and apparently I picked confectioners marshmallows rather than cooking 'mallows. It turns out that it is a very important difference.

Confectioners marshmallows sort of... dissolve. And they turn into an interesting pink glaze. I can't say they were great; more sort of sickly, sticky and hollow. Mind you, it didn't stop Marty from eating them. My friend will eat ANYTHING. And he didn't even noticed the goop.

In other news, I do have something to counteract it: I can now successfully name ALL the countries of Africa. You can try if yourself HERE.

Word of the day: asosmwe
Pron: ass - oss um-weh.
Definition: something so amazingly cool that you can't even put the right letters in, never mind put them in the right order.
Usage: "omg thats asosmwe!!!!!!!!!!1"
Origin: Jacksfilms.

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