Friday, 8 June 2012


Bacon solves everything.
It doesn't matter how bad a day you have, if you have bacon, it is infinitely improved. I can't think of anything that bacon doesn't improve - and there's only one way to improve bacon: more bacon.

Actually, it's been shown that bacon is addictive, as it possesses six ingredient types of umami - the fifth basic unique taste that makes things sooooooooo good.

After all, there's Baconnaise, Bacon Balm, Bacon Salt - even Bacon Flavour Oxygen. That's not even the limit of it: Arun Gupta has discovered: "bacon ice cream; bacon-infused vodka; deep-fried bacon; chocolate-dipped bacon; bacon-wrapped hot dogs filled with cheese; brioche bread pudding smothered in bacon sauce; hard-boiled eggs coated in mayonnaise encased in bacon (called, appropriately, the 'heart attack snack'); bacon doughnuts, cupcakes and cookies; bacon mints; Wendy's 'Baconnator' (six strips of bacon mounded atop a half-pound cheeseburger - which sold 25 million in its first eight weeks); and the outlandish 'bacon explosion' - a barbecued meat brick composed of 2 pounds of bacon wrapped around 2 pounds of sausage."

Oh, and the Wake 'n' Bacon - an alarm clock that emits tasty, tasty bacon smell. And bacon.

There's even a name for the Bacon Obsession: Bacon Mania.

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