Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hi Phen!

Disturbing a Hyphen after midnight is a bit like feeding a Gremlin after midnight. They turn into something horrifying, disturbing, and downright creepy.

He's been a real weirdo of late. Rather than eating his locusts, he's now decided they're to live with him - and doesn't even complain when one decides to sit on his head until it accidentally pokes him in the eye.

That's weird enough, but not as weird as he gets. Hyphen's having a seriously bad case of the herpy-derps. The boy has issues. With my doormat. 

He's had affection-related problems with inanimate objects before - but this is new on me. 

Hyphen has a major malfunction when it comes to carpetting. Mocha was sat on it when the little guy came over for a look - then CHARGED right at her. She launched an all out offensive-defence on him - and was utterly thrown when he neatly jumped over her and attacked the doormat!

Mmmm sexy carpet - feel how neat her pile is. Maaaassage the sexeee caaaarpet... I whisper the sweetest of words to you, my sugar blanket. Oh, devine floor covering of my heart...

I tweaked his tail as if Mocha had gone for him - she was much too confused to think of doing it herself - and he responded with a prickly thigh brace and tail whip. Though it didn't distract his attention from his new objet d'amour, even when she DID catch up with the situation. 

He just ducked round her to keep attacking the mat she was standing on! 

Hyphen's suffering bad; the carpet love has gone on to the dragon-slope, though in fairness, it's coated with the same stuff. I guess I have to accept that he's a beautiful little lizard - a very odd beautiful little lizard.

In a slightly unrelated story, my friend Gianmario found a wonderful little article: The Diary of a Space Zucchini! I am sure many of you will enjoy reading it - it's very cute!

Quote of the Day: I'm glad I can stay home and do nothing. It gives all these people with extreme sports the opportunity to be awesome, rather than the norm. - Himself.

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