Sunday, 3 June 2012

Logic and love, hand in hand.

I love watching His Lordship deal with religious zealots, or relate some fun tale. He does this marvellous, fluid ... dance of gesticulatory angst and frustration. His whole expressive capacity goes into overdrive, his whole body defines the phrases he offers: for example, the tight lean in, both fingers and thumbs close, the squinting visage and the high pitch of "teenytiny", followed abruptly with a firework of wide arms, explosively describing the vastness of that which we do not know.

The enthusiastic, sincere fashion with which he quite literally gets carried away is quite contagious; watching him pace the pentameter of his phrases, punctuated with smooth, accurate gestures, you can't help but try your hardest to grasp whichever bugbear has him in its grip.

 I also love his logic: "I'm glad I can stay home and do nothing. It gives all these people with extreme sports the opportunity to be awesome, rather than the norm. It's because of me that these guys look so good"

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