Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nessie's REAL!

Oh dear. The creationists are at it again.

Some schools in Louisiana are "disproving" evolutionism by using the Loch Ness Monster as their example. Seriously, here (FIXED!) is an article. They're also bringing it here to the UK and making it into educationary qualifications equivalent to A levels - read about it here

These schools are teaching children that Nessie is real, for the purpose of disproving the evil Darwinists. Personally, I don't feel that science classes are the place for religion. This worries me greatly as I strongly believe that there is too much evidence for evolution where ever you look, whether it be historical or modern. After all, most religions don't cope very well when people try to apply science to them.

This is how Pastafarianism started - because if you're going to teach Christian creation in science classes at school, you should give equal room to other religion's creation stories. They're just as valid.

And anyway, evolution is just the explanation for the diversity of species - NOT the beginning of life - however they're even figuring that out, step-by-step. has some fascinating insights as to how protocells started and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has even "designed" something akin to these early protocells.

It's a fascinating study, you can read some more here. I'm also still working on my "fascinating" studies of the Book of Mormon here.

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