Sunday, 25 November 2012

A certain Tstupid lizard managed to hurt his eye last Saturday, throwing himself out of his tank to get at Hyphen and clunked it on the edge of his door, giving himself a minor abrasion on his cornea.

He's sat on his hut, eye shut, mouth open. I poked him gently in the ribs. He opened his eye. "Wut?" and shut it. Opened it again. "You still here? What do you want?" and closed it.

Blueberries make him sad. He does not want a blueberry. Oh... sweeties? YEAH! Sweeties make EVERYTHING better!

Most corneal scratches heal in less than a week, and the infection risk rate is less than 0.7% when it's properly cleaned - but that doesn't stop it being very sore. The biscuit bit from bourbon biscuits is also apparently a good pain killer.

Jam woke up as I came through the room (on my way to work), gave me a mournful look and scratched her nose on her bedpost. I leaned in and gave her flaky eye a good scratch and lifted off the loose scales.

It's the most adorable thing ever, by the way - having figured out that humans are good itching-tools and easily manipulated into providing their services more efficiently than the bedpost - Jam really gets into her scratches, like a cat enjoying a good fuss, leaning into your hand and almost purring!

Happily de-itched, she then pointed out her bowl was empty...

So here's Jam, almost having breakfast in bed. Lucky bloody lizard!

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