Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Pastafarian Passports?

Yahhharrr - I am an OFFICIAL CITIZEN of the High Seas! 

The Terramar Project is about raising awareness, transparency and responsibility for the oceans. Donations received help support education initiatives, technology, research and expeditions, supporting training programmes and other environmentally based projects. (Heads up - the donate link doesn't work well in Chrome. It does still work in shudders Internet Explorer though.)

Claim yer patch, raise yer flag - it matters not whether ye be pirate; we all live on this same planet together, so let us protect it! You can find my  location of citizenship here: 53° 34' 58.09" N, 0° 5' 34.75" E

I am a officially citizen of the High Seas, just like a Pirate should be!

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