Sunday, 18 November 2012


I really don't know how these guys see it and I can only imagine it generates this response because it looks kind of scaly.

Now Hyphen's over it, Jac has a problem with it. And he is literally teeth deep in that thing

Never mind - he might be a weird little lizard, but his character is coming out and his attitude is slowly improving. He's still got a very "I can manage for myself, I am an island, I do not require your assistance woman" attitude and a mighty scowl, on par to Clint Eastwood's bulldog/wasp expression, which has earned him his new moniker: He is now Jacques in-parenthesis von Cleef.

It goes very well with his almost-adorable and somewhat hilarious fits of anger, the target of which is as diverse as the directions of the wind.

He thought about picking a fight with His Lordship's slippers - but decided my phone was an easier target and let teethmarks in the cover. He then beat up the skirting board until I fetched the carpet slope for him to maul, before chasing His Lordship's jeans cuffs around the living room, earning himself a few gentle scoots of discouragement.

Not bad for a sick, raggedy skin and bones, parasite ridden lizard with a seriously bad attitude just three months ago, is it?

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