Saturday, 24 November 2007

Drama, Dalmations, and "Doosh"...

I spent most of the week chasing up friends who have problems. Who needs a TV when I have such soap-opera-drama going on round me... We've got breakups, makeups, cheaters, lack of responsibilities, haunts, a love SQUARE of all things; it's chaotic at best. But, me being me, I'm stuck in the middle. And, it seems to help some people. Which is never bad. But I had to turn round and tell Ian: "If you stick your head in the sand, leaves your a**e sticking out in the air for people like me to kick, doesn't it?"

I have a correction to put in for my mother, who defends her peculiar issue about popping dogs: "Oh and btw - I am not scared of dalmations - just worried that they might SPLIT."

Well, I had a really good look on the tinterweb, and I haven't yet found any occurences of a dog "splitting like a badly cooked sausage." Sorry Mum. If anyone else finds an example, please don't hesitate to confirm my mother's obscure paranoia, closure always helps. Well, sometimes. Actually Mum, would it help to know if they stand a real chance of tearing open, or not?

Work has provided plenty of, um, entertainment this week. One particular little detail struck me as a little obvious on one of the training programmes. "To save and exit, click Save And Exit." And I was amazed to discover that the new English £20 note (also known as the Adam Smith £20) has got a COPYRIGHT on it! Grab yourself one of those nice, shiny bright purple with lots of holograms ones, and have a look down the left of said holograms, at the little writing in blue. Don't get me wrong, but it's illegal to copy money anyway, so doesn't that make a copyright just a little defunct? Hey, does this mean they can sue forgers?

Recall the lemon of a few days ago? Well, she went one better. What can I say, it's a pumpkin. Niiiiiiice!

And my housemate dropped a bucket of water on the carpet, it made a mighty "DOOSH." (Sounds like a good name for a movie... Taking script ideas now!) Scuse me whilst I go assess the damage to my floor. ... Floor is good. Bucket remained upright, so just some splattering.

Well, I suppose I better get up for a thrilling weekend of waiting in for the gasman this morning, and cleaning the bathroom tomorrow. Unless of course the boiler's repaired and I can either go out this evening, or clean bathroom and go out tomorrow...

Little Dragon Update: (One ponders if it's the dragon that's little, or the update that's little. But then again, that's not important.) Fell off his platform this morning. Made a nuisance of himself on Thursday. Think he thought he was a cat: four times he knocked on the door, four times I opened it to let him out, and four times he changed his mind. But, he did fall asleep on me yesterday, and didn't so much as twitch when I picked him up and sneaked him back into his vivarium. He's still loving his dinners though, big thanks to Rick for some brill bugs!

Today's Quote: Oh, and lovely Dan... "I've got a big bogey. It's up my nose still. It won't come out."

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