Saturday, 17 November 2007

Family, Fears, Food and "Fritters"...

What a grand start to the day. Woke up at 6am, went back to sleep. Woke up at 10am (Wow!) having had some bizarre dream that I forget. (If you want to read about dreams and seriously wierd postage, try I watched a movie, talked to people, didn't manage to hurt myself in any way, shape or form (besides falling over my bin once) and generally enjoyed doing sweet-stuff-all! Hmm. Mr Murphy must be exacting his Sod's Law elsewhere at the moment; makes a nice change! Nothing like a halcyon day to make one look back at others past wistfully. But were they really kingfisher blue?

The GPS in my stepfather's car is a bit optimistic, the ETA is 15:05. Well, it's 14:57 at time of first draft, so will have to let you know.

At the moment, there is Eden snuggled down in my bed, and my dragon has made off with a good portion of my banana and grape lunch. (Who owns who in this thing?) The thumb-biting enthusiasm towards fruit is still there, but he's refined his banana-mushing tactics, and hasn't actually got me today. I'm very impressed. He impressed himself so much, he fell off his platform. Oops. And is now sat on his house, glowering regally at me. (Another of Kat's magnificent shots, sourced from

Oh, my father asked me what I wanted for my birthday in January. Needless to say, I'm not sure my choice of gift went down too well.
"You revolting child!!!!!"
All I asked for was for some lobster roaches for Kyle.
"I take it that "lobster roaches" is a nice way of missing the "cock" bit off of "cockroaches" "
Um, yes, that's technically true...
"Please think of something else for your present. Shrunken head, chainsaw, dismembered limb, whatever."

UPDATE 15:04: SatNav has reassigned it's ETA! 15:30...

I have to admit, I was tempted to go to town on such a glamorous offer, but I was boring and just fought my case. I had previously asked for the Klein Bottle (as posted earlier in the year) but I'm not sure that went down too well either. I got a mathmatical equation in response to that one. Mind you, a motorbike chain would be good, for when I can eventually afford a Vespa-scootery thing. Money would be even better, but that's not personal enough. Well heck, stick a bow on a fiver, and I'll be happy! Here, I even did a diagram!

Well, it's 15:29 - time to see if there's anyone arriving yet!

You must excuse my slap-dash typing style this afternoon, I have a lap full of reptile.
What an interesting afternoon. I found out my mother has a fear of dalmations. (My mother is riddled with OCDs and paranoias. One in particular is a fear of "cooties" - such as from shop doors.) Apparently their skins are too tight, and she's worried if someone feeds them too much or leaves one in the sun... Well, she's worried that they might explode. Like a sausage on a barbecue.

We had fun at the restaurant too, it was a French one (Cafe Rouge), and we were making my step-father order for us. He's very, uh, English and tries to handle the foreign words with care. The waiter was very good, didn't bat an eyelid and just quietly repeated the order correctly when he was asked for "Steak Fritters." Turns out it was Steak Frites. I ordered my own, although it would have been funny to try to see him pronounce Penne au Champignons.

Quote of the day: "I hate petty minded people - I keep a list of them" - I have NO idea where this came from. Graham heard it on some TV show, and thought it too good not to pass on. Good lad! (I don't have a TV see!)

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