Friday, 9 November 2007

Magic and Music and Mayhem and Madness - Marvellous!

This week has been one of poets. Everyone seems to have beautiful or just downright peculiar things to say.

I would like to make a submission of correction to my previous bloggage, apparently "Shroom" is "shroom". shroom says: "Well it would be Mushroom, but I dropped the Mu a long time ago so it's shroom. For that same reason I don't use a capital S; I still am the lovable Mushroom, just with the Mu hiding somewhere behind the scenes." Says it all really!

"Four svelt kings arose from the salty sea of the south and carved my name and yours in the sand along with some brand new lyrics from the pen o the Chief ' so I can drive for I am learning to arrive without damaging the exit sign.' so I'll collect my peices on the way out" - Jon, discussing Delays. Not sure I quite get it, but it makes sense when you take the time to translate it. Oh, and Delays new vid came out too!

Beautiful, extraordinary, so elegantly Delayed. Nice to see "real" people for a change. Thanks boys!
Also, I have a new word. Pungi.
What do you think it means? I'm looking for a definition, a description, however obscure you like. Define pungi in your own way, and sling me it. (Indigo _ blue _ fish @ hotmail . co . uk)

I said: Fresh lemon skins.
shroom says: for some odd reason reminds me of a delicious sponge cake.
Becks says: pungi coz it sounds like pungent, smelly - so it means horrible.
Di says:a musical instrument used by snake charmers. (Some people are so literal!) Or some sort of software.
G says: Publically Undressing Near Green Irons.
T D says: l think its a swear word later on l'll call SB a pungi
Samir says: "That, having had which, nothing else remains to be had." (Trust Samir... I was impressed though, does sound good.)
Puffer says: pungi means: a friend of pingu who is shorter, fatter and wears only a small hat
Rob says: defines when hands thaw
SB says: id say smelly like smelly socks (Must ask if she's been called a pungi yet)
Erkan says: Wow ehm.. it sounds like something squashy
L-bo says: Someone who hadn't washed their genitals for a long time.
Emma says: sort of squishy, rubbery and a bit smelly
Craig L says: I think I would leave it undefined and hide it in my sock drawer.

The lizard has been having a good week for eating different things. Tuesday, I managed to get him to try banana. He discovered bits of banana are very slippery, and you can't get a good hold on them if you're trying to be gentle. So he got a bit enthusiastic trying to take it off me and, suprise surprise, bit my thumb. Banana was tasty though. Shortly after, he decided the writing on my shirt looked tastier, so grabbed it and pulled and pulled. Took him a while to realise it wasn't going to come off to eat, then he climbed in my collar, clicked his teeth in my ear a few times, dug around my shoulder a bit, and went to sleep. (I also got the wrong sort of lasagne, had to brave the housemate's oven, and promptly spilt water all in my bed. Brings a new meaning to "wet dreams" hey?)

Wednesday, he discovered the delights of apples (again) and yesterday went nuts for some brocolli. Brocolli isn't very good for them, but it's high in vitamin C, and looks sort of fluffy, and got thoroughly shredded and yomped. Today he's got carrot - nearly a whole stick has vanished inside that reptile...

There was an... interesting lady as customer at my work. For some reason, with a large queue as audience, she took it upon herself to sing "All men are praaaaats!" Very loudly. Repeatedly. Opera style. Who said banking was boring?

Quote of the day: "I've got that serpents tongue so honey rolls down like morning dew. You see, I used to be a little klepto and a little schizo. More hands than one probably should have." -shroom. Bonus points for utter oddness!

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