Sunday, 18 November 2007

Lizard, Lunch, Locating (of the Re- kind) and Loafing

Another Sunday, another movie. Bliss in a box, even with the rain. It's not cold this morning, but it's very, very damp outside. Can't complain really, it hasn't properly rained for AGES, but why the week people come to visit me? And what is it with me and waking up at 6.45 every morning though? On a weekend no less...!

Oh, yesterday's quote is by Jack Dee on Lead Balloon; regular reader Coxy slung me an email. Thanks for that!

Actually, I stand corrected. It's very wet and cold outside.
My mother was in hysterics, and wants to steal Eden, and the poor Dragon got used as an action figure. His laid-backness means he's... poseable, like a Barbie doll, just a lot cuter. Silly beastie was happy to just bleg out on the table, as my brother rearranged the position of his legs, head, tail and belly. Daft creature. The dragon too.

Dinner was rather nice, lasagne at Say Pasta again. We weren't so overwhelmed this time, half the stuff on the menu wasn't available (which is a shame, I was really looking forwards to the wild mushroom lasagne) and the waitress was a little... surly. But I did get a lift home from the shops, so I didn't get rained on with my loaf of bread. That was good. On the other hand, the car smelt like fermented egg and beans. Not so good. Exquisite. With extra emphasis on the "Squizz" syllable.

The Hermit Relocation Project went well - Charlie and Sidney are now living in Scotland. "They are both amazing Crabs, easily the most active and friendly of all my existing ones - they happily crawl about humans without any shyness, and are active during the day and night, clambering over everything, and stuffing their faces. On the First night, Sid "Dude" changed into various shells in the course of a few hours, but shortly changed back into his old one and has stuck with it xD I must say though, Charlie's fluffy blonde setae, long antennae and needle-like nails are amazing, he's quite the character xP" Yup Cap'n, sounds like they're very happy with you sir!

Today's Quote: "Roaches are Ewwwwie" - by Eric, from I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry.

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