Saturday, 24 November 2007

DS, Dolphin and Disappearing!

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Hmm. Well, I did promise myself I'd get dressed (even though it's a weekend and I'm not going anywhere today). Does underwear and a dressing gown count, or do I have to actually find some other clothes? At least I'm not the only one; my friend went to the shop in her pyjamas with her little girl. Who set off the car alarm, so everyone stared at them. Oops.

Crab Update: The hermits have settled down well in Scotland, and I have just discovered Frankie is still here. Don't ask how that works out. (The photo is Charlie) So Frank will be shipped off to his friends in Scotland shortly. Lewis has been most amused by them, and Charlie has found a new rival by name of EcksBawkes. It's a great name, I have to say. Apparently, EB and Chaz have been having some good scraps, lots of shell clanking and croaking at each other. Well, so long's they're happy!

Another friend's just told me "Well I ain't been dressed with proper clothes since 5pm Thursday!" So this has decided it; I don't have anything to do today, so I shall go out TOMORROW, and completely waste today. Man, it feels good!

I did however discover at 7am that if you accidently sleep on a chunk of pomegranate, it turns your sheets a delicate shade of purple.

I love the noise Kyle makes when eating banana. We've both come to the agreement that if I give him long thin bits, he's not going to bite my thumb. *shlup-shlup-shlup* Also had a fun few minutes blowing raspberries at him. First one he looked at me funny. Second one, he sat up straight and looked at me funny. Third one, he leaned back and looked at me funny. Fourth one, he deliberately turned his back, yawned, and has ignored the rest. Classy. At 28 weeks old, he's already more mature than I am apparently.

My sister drew some fantastic beasties on her computery-toy thing, what is it, a Nintendo something? I can never remember, but all the same, I thought they were great!

Ok, completely forgot to finish this when I fell asleep! So sorry, it's Sunday. Yes, I spent the day doing very little (although I did get the washing done) and it feels good. I watched a movie this morning, luxuriated in my finally-working radiatored warm room and enjoyed a large soggy chocolate cookie for breakfast. Yesyes, I know, not healthy, but I have fruit too. (And let's face it, the big cookie was GOOD.)

Today's Quote/Severely Bitchy Comment: "I still think he's a bit gay and she looks like a man so they should be real happy" - S. Ouch, nicely...

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