Friday, 16 November 2007

Radio, Randomosity and Radioactive?!

Sian's playing more and more wonderful, random music, they did a dedicated night for Bauer on Monday! Sian says she also does Friday Night Lovesongs (10pm to 12am) and Saturdays (8pm - 10pm). May I say, they're great for requests. I've had David Grey, Sail Away and rediscovered Tamsin Archer, Sleeping Satellite. AND she plays plenty of Bauer and Delays music. Listen in! Updates as to station coming up later on.

Although, do be careful - some interesting things get said. I got called "Special" on air today. Much backpeddling went on shortly after, much to my amusement. "Special", in my family, is a way of describing someone a ... bit slow. "Gosh, you're a bit special today." And my personal favourite, (Sorry Daz!) "Who's a special boy then?!" Most amused by the last peddling on air: "She's not Special, she's IBF." C'Mon! Too-rah, loo-rah Aye! Too-rah tooloorah!

Some complete randomness for you, a Bauer is also a drink! You take strawberries, vodka, orange curacao, Rose's Lime juice, pour onto ice, and do long with ginger beer and a slice of lime. Sounds pretty yummy to me!

Extra randomness - see the lemon? <--- I decided it would be a good idea to post it. I got called a "big plum" twice for it, but it got a laugh, so it was worth it. £1.38 postage and all. I just have to think of a way to top that next time. I think finding a lemon in your morning mail is going to be a hard one to beat.

Today's been one of THOSE days. Not only have I come off with six, yes, count 'em, SIX new papercuts (damn those new £20s, they're razor tipped) and haven't been paid. Turns out that in the month I've been working at my new job, no-one thought to tell me that my contract didn't turn up. Riiighto. Well that's pretty clever, seeing as I have PC access, an employee number, training access, went on the courses, have an expenses chit AND have been handling large sums of their money for the company... How on earth do they manage to overlook something like that?

I also had an interesting experience with my nice new microwave. Apparently, I shouldn't cook cauliflower in it, without covering it first. Turns out, the steam and gases this veg kicks out - well, the microwave turns it into plasma, which then creates a rather odd flame. It sort of hovers mid-machine and hums. Needless to say, I thought "Woah, how COOL!" then realised it was probably a better idea to TURN IT OFF and blow it out. My mother was in creases when I told her. Thanks for that vote of confidence. "Hmm, is it Cauliyogi? No! it's Mantraflower!"

The beautiful firework photo is from a local display, another utterly spectacular shot by Kat.
Today's Quote: "I was just gonna make a joke about how ballet and boxing are the same, 'cept there's no costumes, music, and the dancers hit each other. But that figureskating thing threw me off." - shroom.

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