Thursday, 19 February 2009

Corrections, Curses, Coins and Cheesecake...

Mum wants me to correct the comment on the antipsychotics - they're for other issues rather than just the fact that my family tend to be nuts. "I don't mind being called most things but I'm not psychotic - honest. Now I'm PARANOID." Mind you, talking of family madness, my uncle let me know he'd been reading my blogs. "You're as mad as I thought. Thank goodness." And then sent me a completely random picture of a cat he met, in Wiltshire, in November.

Actually, on the note of family, thanks Mum for encouraging me to buy lovely shoes and having a banter about boat sizes in relation to feet. The general consensus is Mum's are canoes and I have aircraft carriers. I had to send them back. You recall me saying I'd checked the sizes were right so carefully, size 8, Euro 42? Well, they sent both pairs in size 8 - but Euro 26. Kids shoes. I sigh, and ask for my money back as they don't have my size. G'dammit, how STUPID.

Mind you, if you think that's stupid, I discovered this week that stinginess comes down to a figure: seven pence. A lack of seven pence means you can't get a bus, even when you clearly can't walk any further. Ah well, my colleague made me laugh - when her boyfriend wasn't answering her calls, she left a message on the voicemail. A long, farty message, brought to a raspberry crescendo with a satisfied "oooh" at the end. Truly vulgar!

Quote of the Day: "Choose between me and cheesecake? I'd love to see you try to hug a cheesecake!" - Himself, point well made.

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