Friday, 13 February 2009

Friday 13th - Lucky for Shoes. Uh... I Mean, Some.

I'm chuffed to tell you that the Scooter Commuter's Nod is beginning to take off. Some of you may know there's a "cult" feel to owning a SmartCar: Smart owners recognise others by flicking up the index finger from the steering wheel. I've been working on a similar sort of idea, a sideways nod to other bikers - particularly the scooter commuters like myself. I've been trying this for a little while, and bikers are beginning to respond already, and I'm delighted I was the recipient of a Nod too. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised and returned it - yet I'm the one that started it! (I also got one off a Harley today - so the other scooters are clearly passing it on.)

I have bought some new shoes after great wisdom from my mother: "If you need new shoes, buy new shoes. Sell old shoes for new shoes." It went on like this for a while - v.funny! Doc Marten tried so hard to tempt me - sneaky Dr M had a pair of boots with my name on - literally! Sadly, I couldn't justify £75 for a pair of boots, so I passed this time, but I will remember them. Instead I bought some funky silver ones for £20, and some nice sturdy boots for work. I have to admit, the postage is VERY good, £4 for BOTH pairs combined. I was almost tempted to buy more, but I did very well. Oh wow, they've got some named after my brother too - check out those flamin' shoes! They come in black too.

"Ooh! I received a message from God!" - His Lordship, having renamed his mobile's bluetooth some while back, and forgotten.

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