Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Small Snails...

I learned something clever today. You go back home, it looks the same, smells the same, heck, it feels the same. It's then you realise that YOU'VE changed. Getting older is no bad thing - wasting time is. Sometimes you gotta be patient, but you don't get it back, remember that. You've got to forgive the past for what's happened, especially when it's nothing you could have done about, but even if you could have then, you didn't. So let it go.

That's my wisdom for the day: enjoy what you've got. Alright, so my house occasionally has mysterious holes in the wall, unidentifiable coloured carpets in some rooms, a window that slowly falls out and needs thumping back into place, a strange smell that sometimes creeps from somewhere in the kitchen and a bizarre avocado shade bath suite... but it's home. It's warm (sometimes), safe (all the time, sometimes you can't get OUT!) and comfortable (when the empty pizza boxes are put in the kitchen pile and not the sofa).

But I've done some things I never thought I would have - I've travelled to far away places (India, Malta, Lapland etc) and to nearby places (The Tate, Natural History Museum, London Aquarium etc); I've had a go at kayaking; dealing with siblings; abseiling; discovering my mother's on anti-psychotics. I've been a member of Neopets over 7.5 years; bought a huuuuge TV on a whim; coped with living 450 miles away from everyone/thing I know. I've tried about a million different jobs; had a go at high flying on the trapeze; ran a store on my own (for my boss at the time) and helped friends pick up the peices when they've screwed up. I'm adoring extraordinary pets and forgiving the odd bite; went to college a couple of years later than I should have; had my heart broken and came back to love a wonderful man...

You know what? I may be a very small snail in a very big world, but I never realised I did so much!

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