Thursday, 12 February 2009

Oh No. Ho Bo! So?

Today was another of those extraordinary work days where everything seems to deliberately go out of the way to try you. Thankfully, we didn't get locked out this week. We'd even managed to get the right sets of keys this week. Except someone had taken the TAN key and put it on the spare bottom set. Let me explain: the TAN key allows you to get into a little storage box which keeps all the other keys you need for the day, like the one for the office, the one for the wooden door on the safe, the one for your drawer where you put the till - pretty much all the keys you need. And thus, we were thwarted for the lack of ONE key. From there, tills went wrong, balances were lopsided - by the time I got home, I couldn't even concentrate to read any more. (Pic:

I had to laugh though, it doesn't matter if I have a bad day, I'm lucky enough to have some wonderful people around to make me laugh. Today Mum went through the alley in her village as a shortcut home, and got flashed by a crusty old hobo. Instead of getting flustered or angry, she just clicked her fingers and said "Bugger! That reminds me - I forgot to buy macaroni." I'm delighted to say she's currently enjoying macaroni cheese and wondering "Why are men so proud of their little noodles?"

Quote of the Day: "Luposlipaphobia: The fear of being pursued by timber wolves around a kitchen table while wearing socks on a newly-waxed floor." - A fictional phobia created by Gary Larson, author of Far Side comics.

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