Friday, 16 December 2011

Baggain a Bargain.

Vax C91-MZ-B Mach Zen Multicyclonic Bagless Cylinder VacuumScored some good bargains this week, starting with this lovely new vacuum cleaner online at Pricelover (get yours HERE) for £30 less than Tesco.

We finally settled on the Vax Mach Zen because it's listed as 70% quieter than a conventional cylinder cleaner. It's multifloor and has a huge canister - whilst that makes it a touch bulky, it more than makes up for it with powerful suction and nippy manoeuvre-ability. I did discover that the dirt container opens a bit oddly, flipping down from underneath. This resulted in dust back on the floor again - but that's ok; I have a good vacuum cleaner to deal with the mess.

We got a nice little bargain from Tesco themselves, in the form of a simple table.

£99 all in for this rather modern oak effect and powder coated steel set - it'll go nicely with the laminated floor and provides both eating space and gaming space.

I also picked up a bunch of bargains for Christmas presents on Neopets and got them distributed early - all sorts of things, from a Black and White Scarab for a friend's black and white gallery to a Silver Gelert Candy for a dog-mad colleague.

Shortly after, I get an email off a good friend: "Just as I accepted your gifts...  Something has happened! A beautiful Fire Faerie floats down and gives you a Starry Petpet Paint Brush!!! THANKYOU!!!!" Heh, jammy mare - those are worth an absolute fortune.

Well hey, Merry Early Christmas!

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