Saturday, 3 December 2011

Managed the move

Off to a good start - we managed to get everything in the house - even with the VERY narrow corridor and two front doors to deal with. Mario Machon's boys did a sterling job even when His Lordship's favourite green comfy chair proved to be deeply frustrating. Whichever way it was turned, it would NOT go through.

Bless their sweet hearts, they grabbed screwdrivers, took the feet off the chair, took the front doors off and managed to get to squeeze it over the hallway radiator, just before it started to rain.

If you ever get them on Shiply, ACCEPT. All the work they put in, and only two things got broken - a glass bauble I hadn't packaged properly in a box and a spare sheet of glass from my spare tanks. I'm utterly amazed - one pane of glass out of 16. Well done lads, and thank you.

We also made "Santa treat bags" for our new neighbours, full of dinky cute treats - a wee pretty bottle of wine, a teenytiny Christmas pudding, chocolate coins and Fairy Rogers - I hope they like them. It's a modern version of milk and cookies, and ideal as "thank you's".

The first one went to Pete and Dee, for lending me their pliers - His Lordship left the other toolbox in Somerset as He already brought one. I discovered the one he brought is the one full of my makeup. I can mascara anything, but I'm stumped if I need to put nails in something. The second one went to Damon and Jo-Anne for holding a rather heavy box that turned up in the hour and a half I went out...

I also had a surprisingly pleasant encounter with the tv licensing phone system. First ever "talk to me" system I have come across that actually works - I successfully updated my details!

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