Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Seeing the funny side...

Well that's annoying. Someone tried to steal my motorbike last night. Now, if they had known ANYTHING about Honda NHX1, they'd have known about the immobiliser. As they didn't, they didn't get very far but they have done a fair bit of damage. Including shredding my seat in anger when they couldn't overcome said inbuilt locking mechanism.

Charmed, I'm sure. They ignored the neighbour's motorbike in exactly the same situation, physically lifted my third-of-a-ton of vehicle over the wall, lugged it down an alleyway just across the road and proceeded to try to make it go.

I woke up in the morning to the sound of a large vehicle and stuck my nose out, wondering if it was the dustbin lorry (not knowing what day they normally come. I now know it's a Wednesday) and discovered the police loading my bike onto a recovery truck. "OI!"

You have to see the funny side really...

The rest of the day didn't go much better, as I sat through the WORST screening tests of ALL time. The website doesn't work in ANYTHING other than Explorer if you want to log in, and the "assessments" were awful. No word of a lie, I had FIVE SECONDS to answer each question. This is a close and unnexaggerated replica of one.

Match the details - 5 seconds remaining. CGXNCYQZ


18 of those, some others and then 30 percentages based ones. I can't do percentages at the best of times, let alone work out if Oilfield Amethyst, after having dropped 75% of it's production last year, will drop another 50% next year if it produced 120 million barrels in 2001.

I kinda get the Singapore Dollar to Hong Kong Dollar exchange rate conversion question, looking at export variables from 2008 - but it's kinda mooted by a very sturdy point: the currency ordering system does the conversions for you. If the currency ordering system has broken down to the point where you're having to manually calculate the figures, you can't order it anyway.

I sincerely believe I have been to the seventh levels of hell and back. That is one of the WORST things anyone could ever do to me. I can handle just about anything... except hypodermic needles and apparently percentage/ratio/exchange questions with a ridiculously short time limit.

At least I know I can do data comparisons in less than 5 seconds now, and my percentages one can't have been toooo bad (even though I ran out of time for the last two).
TXZQYNBDX - five seconds to find a match...


Update: Apparently I managed to pass that psychotic test. I didn't get the job though.

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